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HVAC Services

PC Remote HVAC Ductwork Design

Designing an HVAC ductwork system by using phone, text and or emails may be difficult for a contractor to explain and for a designer to understand. By using remote PC software, the contractor can take control and change or adjust their project in real time.


The contractor can call into our computers using their keyboard and/or mouse, they can make changes and adjustments to their project. We can observe the changes they make, and we can add our own comments or adjustments. Typically changes that used to take several calls or emails across several days can now be resolved in minutes.

The two software packages we have had the most luck with are TeamViewer and RemotePC. We have supplied a download button for TeamViewer on our website.

This service needs to be scheduled so we have your project ready on the computer. There is a form available on the website or you can call or e-mail us.

Most problems can be fixed quickly, so we have allowed 45 minutes of free remote 􀆟me. If more 􀆟me is needed to fix the project, then the cost will be $75.00 per hour for any part of an hour.

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