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The principal behind HVAC Global Consultants: 

John McDonough, President, has over 49 years experience working in the residential, commerical and industrial segments of HVAC industry. Worked and consultanted with companies such as Trane, Mammoth and Dunham Bush.

Over 15 years dedicated to teaching EPA Certication to entry level HVAC students and editing HVAC training books for a publishing house. Knowing the value of Heat Loads, local & state compliance, correct calculations contributes to a contarctors success, offering accurate services while maintaining a high level of professionaism.

HVAC Global Consultants, has now focused their knowledge and experiences on building partnerships with HVAC contractors providing an afordable, worry free Manual J,S, & D Package saving you money & time, to focus on your business (increasing sales and service). Over 4000 accurate Heat & Cooling Reports have been accepted by loacl building inspectors. Our reports, designed for your company, cover a vast range of construction types including, standard construction, tight construction, superior insulations, passive solar and geothermal designs.

Our team of design professionals are experienced in arciteture, engineering,  HVAC install, service and construction. As Design Professionals, they are dedicate to the success of the HVAC industry and your business. No matter where you live, Coast to Coast we have you Covered!

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John C. McDonough

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HVAC Global Consultants

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