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Manual J Form

Correctly sizing of your HVAC , Room x Room calculations are taken from the plans submitted.  Completed information, results is accurate calculations. When completing the above form let us know where the air handler & ducts are located.

Manual S submit at bottom of Manual J Form

The Manufactures Certification of matched equipment per load,

Compressor, coil and Heat Source. Matched equipment, then recieves a Rating by AHRI.

Submit the brand, seer, coil, and heat source, Furance submit motor speed and efficency.

Manual D Form

Duct designs are based off the design cfm from the Manual J, Let us know the type of system, location of the returns and if you are pertictular on the sizing of your registers or we can leave them off,

Your Report Package includes -  Short Form, Project Symmery, Building Analysis, Construction Component, Examier Review Form and Duct Summery

Manual J Example

Manual S 


Manual D